About Me

About Mitchell Diaz, LMT

portrait01I have been a practicing Florida licensed massage therapist (LMT) since 2004. I got my start in the field like many others, working for other independent massage business owners while gaining practical/clinical experience. During that time I had the opportunity to learn many of the nuances of applying massage to a diverse population with differing and unique needs.

After about three years I became an independent massage business owner myself and began offering service at my clients home, business, and by occasionally renting a treatment room on a per diem basis from massage or chiropractic offices.

Driving around Miami 5-6 days a week can eventually take a toll on you, especially when you’re lugging around a massage table or chair. So in 2015 I planted my roots in an office in South Miami and formalized my practice into a company now called “Massage Rescue” (formerly is was “South Miami Neuromuscular Massage Therapy”).

My goal is to help each client relieve their muscular pain and stress problems with a combination of massage treatment, education, and practical self-help tips.

In serving the needs and best interests of my clients, I will always act with integrity by observing my professional scope of practice and honestly communicate the benefits, any potential risks, and the limitations of massage therapy.

Education and Training Summary

My study and training of massage therapy began in 2003 at Lindsey Hopkins Technical Education Center in Miami, FL. Here is where I got my “basic training” by completing a 750 hours certification program to prepare for a career as a massage therapist. While the school is still in operation, it no longer has a massage therapy program which I guess makes me an “orphaned” alum.

In addition to developing a foundation in Classic/Swedish massage, deep tissue techniques, and a few other allied modalities standard training also includes coursework in anatomy and physiology, basic massage theory and history, clinical practicum, theory and practice of hydrotherapy, Florida laws and rules, professional ethics, HIV/Aids education, prevention of medical/practice errors. In July of 2004 I received my Florida massage therapy license (MA41802) and began practice.

I am committed to continuous learning about the human body and understanding how manual therapy techniques can impact our experience of pain, stress, and promote relaxation. As it relates to my service offerings, here are a few samples of my continuing education: