Do you accept insurance?

Massage Rescue does not accept or bill insurance. The client will be responsible for full payment of each session at the time of treatment.

How can I make an appointment?

If you are a new client, please call or use the contact form for a brief consultation first. This is done to be sure that my skill level and experience match your needs. If you are a current client you may use the appointment link on the side bar, call, or send an email request for an appointment. I am unable to accept walk-in appointments.

What type of massage do you practice?

I am primarily a hands-on manual therapist using Classic massage, deep tissue massage techniques, Trigger Point Therapy, passive and active joint range of motion, and Active Isolated Stretching (Mattes method). During your treatment session I may employ, depending upon the goal, any one of or a combination of these techniques to help you reduce muscular pain and tension, relieve stress, and improve joint range of motion.

Are massage treatments painful?

While trigger point therapy can be somewhat uncomfortable, here’s no need to “bite the bullet”. The trick is to use enough pressure which may elicit a mild to moderate state of discomfort, but not “mash” you into silly puddy. Those who are very experienced with receiving massage refer to this as a “good hurt” which has a relieving effect. I want your massage session to be pleasant experience. So I will always stay in communication with you and encourage you to let me know anytime the pressure is too intense.

If I am in pain, should call my doctor or see you first?

Please consider the following when you are experiencing pain (especially severe pain):

  • Do you think you injured yourself during exercise or other activity? Sometimes these are simple everyday actions and not necessarily intense exercise actions.
  • Are you experiencing sudden and severe acute and sharp pain which you cannot explain and is not relieved by any action such as taking OTC medications, changing positions, and rest?
  • Have you been suffering from chronic pain (3 months or longer) which has been intractable (does not go away or get relieved regardless of what you do)?
  • Do you have any type lifestyle related disease such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, etc.?
  • Do you have any medical “Red Flags” in your history – pre-existing conditions which are potentially life threatening?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions please contact your personal physician or specialist first to arrange for an evaluation to rule out more serious and potentially life threatening conditions first. Additionally, I am not a specialist in injury management and will always refer you to the appropriate medical professional for treatment of injuries or other conditions that are outside of my scope of training.

What should I wear to the treatment sessions? Do I need to remove my clothing?

Clients are often instructed to wear shorts or a sports bra for women as gentle stretching movements may be heavily incorporated into the treatment. Whether a client is fully or partially disrobed for their treatment, they will be appropriately draped with a table linen. Only the part of the body being treated will be exposed. The breasts and genitals will never be exposed or touched and the buttocks will never be fully exposed. You can receive a great massage session fully clothed.

Should I eat or fast before receiving massage treatments?

I would suggest that you do not eat a heavy meal just prior to a session. If you do, give yourself plenty of time (at least 3 hours) to digest your food. It can be quite uncomfortable to receive massage or bodywork on a full stomach. If you must eat before your massage try a light snack to hold you over.